LP Koon Wat Banrai, Phra Nak Prok,Longya Orange Color,100% Authentic Thai Amulet
Genuine Thai Amulet LP Koon Wat Banrai Temple, Only Made Of 1,000 Pcs. Only Model Maha Larp 91, Serial ID Code : 310 of 1,000 With Original Temple Box Created and blessed in B.E. 2557 (A.D.2014) Blessed By : LP Koon & Many Great Monks During That Era. Original Temple Made : Wat Banrai Temple Nak ...  More

Thai Amulet Buddha Magic Statue Lp Amulets Wat Unique Holy Lucky Phra Nak Prok
Thai Amulet Buddha Magic Statue Lp Amulets Wat Unique Holy Lucky Phra Nak Prok Thai Amulet Buddha Magic Statu Buddha Statue Buddha statues from Thailand create with an unique beautiful art of Thai Buddhism. The statue consecrate by monks and temples to blessing strong protection and bring good fortu ...  More

Rare Phra Narai Song Puen (Naga - Nak Prok Amulet), LP.Mui Thai Buddha Amulet
Welcome to Hakiboy Store ,Thanks you for your interested and Good Luck. RARE Old Phra Kali Hinduism Buddha Backside Trident Thai Buddha Amulet $43.00 USD !! DESCRIPTION Buddha Name : Rare Phra Narai Song Puen, LP.Mui Thai Buddha Amulet Temple : Wat Donrai, Suphanburi Size : 4.5 cm high (Approx) Mate ...  More

Rare Antiques Prathat Phra Nak Prok ,Kru Nadoon, Pendant Case Thai Buddha Amulet
If you have a problem or need to something Please contact us by Ebay message only. Buyer or Bidder Please Consider from image carefully Nak Prok life is a call. Buddha statue of meditation. The serpent, the head of a cobra hood spread from the shoulder to the present head of the Buddha. But as a hum ...  More

Rare Phra Khun Paen Back Phra Nak Prok - Lp Tim Wat Rahanrai Thai Buddha Amulet
Phra Khun Paen Back Phra NakProk Wat Rahanrai Thai Buddha Amulet :-:-: DESCRIPTION :-:-: Buddha Name : Phra Khun Paen Back Phra Nakprok Temple : Wat Rahanrai Size : 4 cm High. Made of : Prai Kuman Powder With Takrut Origin : Southeast Asian, Thailand. Power Of Buddha : Good fortune and wealth lucky ...  More

Rare!Somdej Nak Prok Black Takian Age1,000 year LP Khambu Old Thai Amulet Buddha
Somdej Nark Prok Black Takian Wood 1,000 Year LP Kham-Bu Wat Kut Chompoo Ubon Ratchathani Thailand *** Lucky Rich Lucky Rich Lucky Rich *** ----Safe from danger---- " FREE SHIPPING " .... 1,000 It is very rare and looks so beautiful,It will be one of the best in your collection. A Black Takian wood, ...  More


Ancient Thai Siam Baked Clay Buddha Pra Nak Prok Kru Nadun

Nice Statue 3.5" Leklai Pra Nak Prok from Sukhothai Thai Buddha Amulet Talisman